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Why is this limited to IBA Members ?

The IBA is a membership organisation, it’s resources are funded by its members through the fees they pay and the other activities that the IBA operates such as events. As a member organisation that is owned by its members it exists to support its members.

The work the IBA does is not only funded by its members but also a large portion of its work is carried out by members employees on a volunteer basis.

All brewers that meet the membership criteria have had the opportunity to join the IBA and contribute to the development of the value that the IBA provides to its members.

Can't everyone have access in the current situation ?

Like everybody the IBA undergoing tough times with the postponement of events, our volunteers being extremely busy in their own businesses and jump in the amount of support required by its members. That support requires funding, even more so in these times. The IBA isn’t a government body or an association where levies are charged so it has no obligation to provide resources free of charge to brewers who have chosen not to become a member.

So there is no benefit to brewers who aren’t members ?

Through its advocacy efforts the IBA provides a strong consolidated voice to government at all levels and through these efforts has had a number of wins which have benefited all small and independent brewers – even those who are not members of the IBA. In July last year the Federal Government increased the excise rebate from $30,000 to $100,000 – thus providing a potential $70,000 benefit to all brewers. The recent win with having the Pregnancy Labelling proposal returned to FSANZ for review is another example. So the IBA does provide benefit to brewers who aren’t members.

How do I become a member of the IBA ?

 From as little as $50 per month a brewer can be a member of the IBA and have access to all of the resources the IBA develops as well as discounts to IBA events including Brewcon and the Indies etc. Check out the Membership page of the IBA website and download the Brewery Membership Info Sheet for details.