Orora Supports Stouts and Porters at the Indies

Orora is a leading supplier of cans and glass bottles to the Australian beer industry, so we are delighted to announce they will present the Champion Porter/Stout Trophy at the 2020 Independent Beer Awards.

Orora works with independent brewers across Australia, supplying bottles and aluminium cans, and sharing expertise in beverage packaging and decoration techniques. They understand and share the passion and dedication it takes to bring indie beer to life.

Adam Johnson, Sales Manager at Orora Beverage Cans, says in a challenging year, people are appreciating the simple things more than ever before. “We love the fact that independent brewers deliver styles to suit every taste and occasion and there’s nothing better than cracking a fresh tinnie and taking that first sip of your favourite brew,” says Johnson. “Take care of each other, enjoy responsibly and we look forward to celebrating with you —virtually —at the 2020 Indies Awards.”

This year, the winner will receive a free set of printing plates to support their next can production run with Orora.

“At Orora, we are proud supporters of the beer industry and love celebrating the innovations and achievements of Aussie brewers,” says Johnson.

You can learn more about the 2020 Indies Awards here.