Bintani Australia to support Champion Independent Beer

Bintani Australia is full of admiration for how independent brewers have handled themselves throughout a challenging year.

That's why they will be presenting the Champion Independent Beer trophy at this year’s Indies. They believe the award is all about impressive and faultless brewing, and it will no doubt be an all-star beer from an all-star team.

Dale Meddings, Bintani Director says alongside a rise in beer quality, we have witnessed the powerful role local and independent business plays in our connecting communities this year.

“Those connections clearly run deep and highlight the value your customers place on the notions of ‘independent’ and ‘local’. But more than that, it shows the deep appreciation of phenomenal beer brewed by amazing people.

Bintani will also award the winner a collection of ingredients from its world class range. Two tonnes of high quality Weyermann® Pilsner Malt, fifty kilograms of Amarillo, the hop responsible for one of the first ripples of this beer revolution, and a feature in so many epiphany beers, and ten kilograms of Fermentis US-05, a yeast strain that needs no introduction and has been the bedrock of craft beer for the best part of two decades.