Yakima Chief Hops Supports the Indies for 2020

Pale Ales and Session Beers play a key role in many brewery portfolios, which is why we are excited that Yakima Chief Hops will present the trophies for both categories at the 2020 Independent Beer Awards.

YCH know that Indie brewers play a crucial role in this industry; not only providing some of the world’s best beer, but also strengthening the communities in which they live. Without this passion, hard work and dedication to the craft, YCH wouldn’t be able to deliver on their mission: connecting its family hop farms to the world’s finest brewers.

Blaze Ruud, Director of Key Accounts and Brewing Innovation adds they understand how important it is to support indie brewers given the past 12 months.

”We are constantly inspired to see the creativity and passion that continues to drive the craft beer industry forward.” Ruud says. “YCH is proud to support the Indie Brewers this year at the Indies Awards”

The winner of each category will receive 20kg of Cryo Hops, and 20kg of T90 TCH hops.

Shop hops here: https://cryermalt.com/yakima-chief-hops/