what is emergency management?

When an emergency occurs, the business should be prepared to handle any situation. An emergency plan is a procedure that assists workers and others within the business on how to appropriately handle an emergency.

Emergencies can be defined as any threat to the workers and the business facility. Some emergencies include:

  • Fire
  • Explosions
  • Medical emergency
  • Incidents
  • Hazardous chemical spill or burn
  • Violence
  • Bomb threat
  • Natural disasters

The health and safety of the workplace and workers may be impacted in an emergency situation.

emergency preparedness: am i ready?

No one can predict when an emergency is going to take place. If you manage a brewery, imagine a series of possible scenarios and create a proactive response for each. Your plans and procedures will help staff in the event of an emergency.

An emergency plan is a great tool for being prepared. It is a written set of instructions outlining what workers and others should do in an emergency. An emergency plan should provide for:

  • An effective response to all foreseeable emergencies;
  • An evacuation procedure;
  • Timely notification of emergency services and other relevant authorities;
  • How and where to access medical treatment and related assistance, and;
  • Effective communication between the person authorised to coordinate the emergency response and all people at the brewery.

controls to consider

Workers must be adequately trained in emergency procedures, with arrangements for training and instruction of workers set out in the emergency plan itself. Training may include:

  • Practising evacuations;
  • Identifying assembly points;
  • Location of emergency equipment;
  • First Aid arrangements; and
  • How to safely shut down machinery.

In determining training requirements, the following should be considered:

  • Emergency information included in induction courses for new workers;
  • Provision of refresher training for existing workers;
  • Provision of training for short-term contractors or visitors at the workplace, and
  • Provision of training for those with a role in an emergency for example fire wardens and first aid officers.

when things go wrong

Emergency preparedness is important. An incident can happen anytime that could cause catastrophic events. In Melbourne, an industrial fire broke out involving a chemical spill and a forklift. The event left one person seriously burnt, another with an eye injury and 30 people escaping the event.

However, other important issues arose during the investigation. It was found that there was over capacity of storage exceeding the company licence storage capacity. This also raised concerns for neighbouring properties and businesses who during the incident were required to evacuate the area. This indicated that the facility most likely did not have a plan in place. Due to the inadequate emergency preparedness a lot can go wrong. More on this story, click here.


If you would like an awareness training for evacuations and warden training, see this link.

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