20 July 2020 Industry ‘disappointed’ by pregnancy label decision

A bureaucratic decision to change alcoholic warning labels could result in the loss of over 600...

15 June 2020 Indie Brewers Score NSW Government Support

The indie brewers of NSW received a welcome boost today after the State Government...

10 June 2020 BrewsNews Chats with IBA GM Kylie Lethbridge

BrewsNews chats with IBA General Manager Kylie Lethbridge

23 April 2020: Pandemic hits Central Queensland independent brewers hard

Independent brewers in Central Queensland are asking the Federal Government for a financial lifeline

21 April 2020: Independent Brewers Association calls on Scott Morrison to provide relief to the ind

The Independent Brewers Association has called on the Morrison Government to provide relief...

2 March 2020: NSW Launches Indie Brewers "Action Plan"

The NSW Government has launched an Independent Brewers Action Plan design to support the State’s craft breweries “to succeed domestically as well as crack international markets”. The action plan, similar to Queensland’s Craft Beer Strategy, was launc

10 Feb 2020: Cheers to 100 Skilling South Australia Projects

Speaking at Prancing Pony Brewery on Sunday, Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said the State Government had partnered with the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) to create traineeship opportunities and upskill workers in the state’s

7 Feb 2020: (Podcast) IBA increases focus on traineeships

The head of the IBA’s ‘People’ programme group told a Radio Brews News’ Brewery Pro podcast that the association had been working closely with TAFE nationally to increase the coverage of training.

24 Jan 2020: IBA Government Advocacy Update

We have some exciting developments from the Government Advocacy Committee; both updates on our progress, and how you can be involved in the following areas...

17 Jan 2020: Sierra Nevada’s Resilience IPA Inspires Aussie Brewers After Devastating Wildfires

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s 2018 Resilience IPA has inspired Australian brewers to create a similar movement, Resilience Beer, in response to devastating brush fires in Australia.

15 Jan 2020: Australian Resilience

The Resilience Beer project aiming to unite brewers and beer drinkers the world over in support of Australian bushfire relief is fully up and running with brewers in multiple countries already expressing an interest in taking part.

7 Jan 20: Beer For Bushfire Relief

There is a working group of brewers and suppliers, assisted by the Independent Brewers Association, in discussion around creating a beer to be sold to raise funds like Sierra Nevada's Resilience IPA. This united 1,400 brewers to raise money in suppor

19 Dec 2019: Craft brewers warn of 'bundling' power of Asahi and CUB

Australia's 600-plus small craft beer companies are preparing to make fresh submissions to the competition regulator warning about the clout which comes from ''bundling'' if the $16 billion merger between Asahi and Carlton & United Breweries goes ahe

13 Dec 2019: (Podcast) Podcast Episode 19: The Independent Brewers Association (IBA) with Chairman

For our 19th episode I chat to Jamie Cook, co-founder of Stone and Wood and the current Chairman of the IBA or Independent Brewers Association. We cover a range of topics including, the purpose and role or the IBA, current and previous projects, chal

2 April 2020: Asahi-CUB approval ‘a blow to the industry’ says IBA

Australia’s 650 independent brewers across the country, currently reeling from the damage caused by COVID-19, were today dealt a further blow by the ACCC allowing Asahi to buy CUB, ultimately decreasing competition and consumer choice in pubs everywh

9 Dec 2019: Good Beer Week Gala Showcase is now the Indie Beer Showcase!

The Gala Showcase began its life in 2006 as a celebration of microbreweries before being taken over by Good Beer Week in 2014. This year, our focus has shifted slightly from celebrating good beer to celebrating good quality independent beer.

8 Nov 2019: Local beer styles bloom as brewers take a walk on the wild side

Brewers are taking brewing where it’s never been — well, not in this country or century. They are foraging­ wildflowers, gathering strange ingredients and taking the craft back to its origins.

24 Oct 2019: 'Rage against Gage': Independent brewers rattle the big boys of beer

The boom in the craft beer industry shows no sign of slowing but it's left a bitter taste in the mouths of the conglomerates which now control more than 80 per cent of Australia's beer market.