13 Feb 2020: Funding for Women Working in the Beverage Sector


Scholarships of $2,000 to $5,000 can now be applied for by women at all management levels across the beverage sector until the end of March.

13 Feb 2020: IBA Members Forums Now Live


The new IBA Members forums are now live! Log in and check them out under the RESOURCES tab.

11 Feb 2020: EPA Amendment For Breweries: Effective July 1, 2020 VIC ONLY


The new Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 will change how Victoria regulates pollution, waste and contamination from businesses. What does this mean for breweries in Victoria?

6 Feb 2020: ABAC: New Packaging Guide


ABAC have shared their new Alcohol Packaging guide which focuses on the requirement that packaging NOT have strong or evident appeal to minors. Please note: all code standards must be met, bit this specific guide outlines packaging

3 Feb 2020: Message From The Chair: Passing The Baton


As you may be aware I retired from my day to day role as CEO of the Fermentum family of businesses at the end of December. As part of my retirement plan, I will be spending a large portion of 2020 overseas...

31 Jan 2020: Member Update


Organic Certification: Bushfire Impact, ABAC: New Packaging Guide, IBASafe | VICTUAL: Hot Work Members Article, and more...