Indies Awards Review Results

New Trophies, a new scoring system and a new Advisory Committee set for the Indies Awards

The Independent Brewers Association is pleased to share the results of a complete review of the Indies Awards program.

The revised purpose for the Indies Awards; To celebrate and reward the quality and innovation of the Australian independent brewing industry was used as a foundation to make final decisions on the recommendations contained in the review. It also helped curate an awards program that strives for excellence by improving feedback and includes new opportunities and added benefit for medal and trophy winners by evolving to target consumers and trade.

The major changes announced include:

  • Implementation of a new competition tech management system
  • An integrated judges training and mentoring program
  • A revised trophy and class schedule welcoming new categories - Juicy-Hazy and NoLo and the renaming of Hybrid and Mixed Culture to more consumer friendly Speciality and Fruit & Funk.
  • Merging of the competition's smallest categories; Amber-Dark Ale with Porter-Stout to what will now be Amber-Dark Beer
  • The creation of a new Advisory Committee and;
  • The adoption of a new scoring methodology for determining Champion Size and State trophy winners. This new method will measure a brewery's overall performance in the competition and not just their top beers.

The full review, undertaken by an experienced consultant is available to members and ultimately the changes being made for 2022 and in future years will ensure that the Indies Awards are truly unique and operate to the highest standards.

"While the impetus for the review came off the back of issues we experienced with scoring in 2021, it has allowed us the opportunity to pull it all apart and to build a program we feel is best practice on a world stage.

There are some changes that will be made this year and others that we will work on over time but it is safe to say, this has been a great process to have been a part of. It’s had the Board debating how scoring should be undertaken, how we recruit and train judges and how we want to evolve the style and sophistication of the awards in line with industry growth.

Rarely do you get the opportunity to rebuild something that you thought was working pretty well in the first place.” said IBA Chair, Richard Adamson.

“The Indies Awards are a very important part of our member offering as it not only integrates with our quality program but allows us to really celebrate the best of the best and provides indie brewers an opportunity to test their tried and true beers as well as experimental and new products against their peers.” said IBA Chief Executive Officer Kylie Lethbridge.

“Alongside the review we are also excited to announce that BrewCon and the Indies will finally reunite next year in Queensland so mark your calendars as 22-23 August 2023 will see the indie beer community descend on the Gold Coast Convention Centre, for the first time since 2019.

Although we won’t be coming together for the Indies this year, the team feel that we have the state party thing down pat now so will be rolling with that format again in 2022 while at the same time being super excited to start the planning for 2023. We can not wait to finally unite, celebrate and recover from what has been one of the most challenging times in history." stated Lethbridge.

Key dates relevant to the 2022 Indies Awards:

Entries will open on 18 July 2022. Further information and updated guidelines will be released shortly.

Expressions of interest for the new Indies Awards Advisory Committee are open until 24 June 2022 

Entries for Indies 2022 will open on 18 July 2022.

Additional key dates and will be released shortly. 



Indies advisory COMMITTEE expressions of interest 

An important part of planning a successful future for the Indies Awards is the creation of an Advisory Committee. 

Expressions of Interest are now open and will close on 24 June.