The Consumer Engagement Project Group has been formed to develop a consumer-focused action plan for the IBA which positions Indie Beer clearly in all stakeholders mind and drives action in support of the IBA and its members.

The plan needs to revisit and update the Consumer Communications Priority Actions in the Marketing Plan previously developed by the IBA into a clear campaign scope of work, aligned outcomes and execution direction for the IBA Marketing team.

The plan will include key actions that the IBA (including members) will take to achieve its goals. These actions will be primarily focused on generating earned media targeting consumers, editorial media (industry related and otherwise) and brewers (members and non-members).

Key outcomes for the Group:

To act as a focus group and ambassadors for the development and implementation of projects such as:

1. Providing feedback to briefs

2. Input on the development of a suite of digital assets that can be rolled out and amplified by the IBA and its members

3. Advising on content for traditional PR in the lifestyle, F&B and business spaces

4. Development of a media kit resources for them to use with local media and influencers

5. Provide feedback on creative, testing of new web ideas

6. Develop visual brand guidelines and instructions for consumer campaigns

7. Extend PR campaign to seek to engage lifestyle, sports, financial, fashion, and travel media

The Group

The group is led by Dereck Hales, and includes Kelly Reaburn, IBA Head of Communication & Marketing.


The Group will focus is on developing a robust indie beer consumer focused campaign(s) for execution by the IBA Marketing Team. This may include development of key campaign execution components, review of creative, engagement and networking with key stakeholders.

Timing & Reporting

The group will provide the IBA Board with monthly updates and will also be shared with members.

Please contact Dereck Hales with any questions about the group. 

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