The Hospitality Group is led by Justin Joiner, Co-Founder of Stomping Ground Brewery and reports to the IBA Board through the Operational Team.

The Group was formed to offer a resource for those who want to add a hospitality component to their business or would like to improve their hospitality operation and aims to provide insight and guidance on a variety of areas of hospitality operations. With almost all independent breweries now having some sort of hospitality component to their business, the Project Group intends to help those who need it navigate some of the challenges.

Key outcomes for the Group:

1. Finance - A best practise guide to setting up a hospitality space in a brewery from a financial perspective - financial benchmarks/separation from the wholesale business and management

2. People - A guide for employing hospitality staff - wage awards, visas, role descriptions, performance management etc

3. Training - a list of hospitality training providers and relevant courses in each state.

4. Kitchen/restaurant operations - best practices guide to food safety, chef recruitment and training.

5. Licensing, permits & compliance - a guide to navigating each state’s licensing laws


The IBA will soon issue a survey to members asking about their priorities and needs as valued members. This will inform the actions of all Project Groups and each will be asked to prioritise and publicise the resources they will deliver.

Timeline and Reporting

The group will provide the IBA Board with monthly updates and will also be shared with members.

To get involved please email Justin on [email protected]


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    Kate Paterson
    February 20, 2020
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