hospitality group

The group is led by Justin Joiner and will provide insight and guidance on a variety of areas of hospitality operations. The idea being that many great brewers have little idea how to set up and run a hospitality venue, yet it is critical to most small breweries' business. 

Key Outcomes:

  • Finance - A best practise guide to setting up a hospitality space in a brewery from a financial perspective - financial benchmarks/ separation from the wholesale business excise tax implications and management etc.
  • People - A guide for employing hospitality staff - wage awards, visas, role descriptions, performance management etc.
  • Training - a list of hospitality training providers and relevant courses in each state. 
  • Kitchen / restaurant operations - best practices guide to food safety, chef recruitment and training.
  • Licensing, permits & compliance - a guide to navigating each state's licensing laws.

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    Kate Paterson
    February 20, 2020
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