The Project Group is led by Marthijs Heuperman from Bright Brewery and delivers on the IBA’s strategic pillar of sustainability, which will deliver benefits to members on compliance, efficiencies, and environmental improvements.

The overarching principle behind the focus on sustainability is to enable our members to make environmental improvements in their brewing operations, and to collaborate on industry-wide initiatives.

Key outcomes for the Group:

  1. Identify and access grants for the development of relevant projects
  2. Finalise and launch the new sustainability modelling tool and best practice guide
  3. Participate in relevant packaging reuse and recycling initiatives with trade partners
  4. Investigate the opportunity to develop wastewater management and compliance guidelines for breweries
  5. Develop mechanisms for members to share knowledge
  6. Forum for exploring industry-wide sustainability initiatives with suppliers or other stakeholders
  7. Guide to navigating container deposit legislation in each state/territory in Australia

The Group

The current Project Group consists of the following members who contribute to relevant projects however there are opportunities to broaden the group to ensure a broad range of skills, expertise is available:

  • Marthijs Heuperman, Bright Brewery
  • Scott Shomer, Helios
  • Dennis de Boer, White Bay
  • Oisin Sweeney, Jervis Bay Brewin
  • Keith Warrick, Eagle Bay Brewing
  • Jeff Crow, Bells Beach Brewing
  • Guy Greenstone, Stomping Ground


The group will deliver the actions noted above and will respond to the upcoming member survey by prioritising and publicising the outputs they will deliver. Timeline and Reporting The group will provide the IBA Board with monthly updates and will also be shared with members.

For more information, contact Marthijs Heuperman

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