Notice of Board Director Elections & Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held on:

Tuesday 30 April 2024
12pm (AEST) / 9am (AWST)
Online via Teams

After many months of work and engagement on a new Constitution we are at the end of the process! Now is your chance to: 

  1. Vote for the proposed new Constitution; and
  2. Vote for new Board Directors.

Everything you need is outlined here, just complete the Proxy Form below to have your say.  

If you’re keen to attend the virtual AGM please register below and we’ll send you the link and a reminder on the day. 

Board Director Elections

We received a strong pool of nominations with 11 members putting their hands up to lead the organisation for the next 3 years. Being a volunteer Board Director is no small feat and so we are grateful to everyone who has put their name forward. 

The candidates are: 

  • Helen Black – Director and Owner, The Coastal Brewing Co. (NSW)
  • Glen Brasington – General Manager, Hawkes Brewing Co. (NSW)
  • Sean Astill – Managing Director, Future Magic (QLD)
  • Tom Champion – Brewery Director, Felons Brewing Co. (QLD)
  • Annelies Nijskens - Founder, Madocke Brewing Co. (QLD)
  • Jay Neven – Chief Executive Officer, Revel Brewing Co. (QLD)
  • Phil Sharp – Founder & Head Brewer, Hiker Brewing Co. (QLD)
  • Christopher Ind – Founder & Director, Woolstore Brewery (SA)
  • Frank Samson, Founder & Head Brewer, Prancing Pony (SA)
  • Adam Smith – Founder,  Bells Beach Brewing (VIC)
  • Paul Maley – Chief Executive Officer, Shelter Brewing Co. (WA).

Get to know the nominees by reading their biographies and reasons for putting their hand up.

Nominee Bio's

Your vote


Each Full Brewery Member may cast one vote. Each brewery must nominate a representative to vote on behalf of the business by signing the proxy form below.

Voting via Proxy Form closed at 5pm on Sunday 28 April 2024 (AEST)

Please make sure to use your member number. Click here to find your membership number.

You will be asked to nominate your top 4 candidates with either 2 or 4 positions available depending on whether the proposed Constitution is supported through a separate vote at the AGM prior to Board Director elections. 

When considering your choices, please remember that in addition to voting for the individual you are voting for a total Board composition. Our shared objective is that we have a diverse Board make up in terms of brewery size, geographical representation, type of business and individual skills and experience. 

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to vote, please contact [email protected]

What is a Proxy Form you ask?

A Proxy Form is a way that you can make your vote known even if you aren’t attending the Annual General Meeting.  We get it – AGM’s aren’t for everyone, especially when they are virtual. But having your say is important and by completing the form your vote is binding, will be tabled at the AGM and will affect the outcome of the resolutions that are being presented. 

The Proxy Form also includes the following resolutions:

  1. That the Independent Brewers Association existing Constitution be repealed and that the proposed Constitution as circulated be approved and hereby adopted as the Constitution of the Independent Brewers Association with effect from the date of this resolution.
  2. That the 2022/2023 Audited Financial Statements be approved as circulated prior to the AGM.


A couple of weeks ago we sent you the outcome of the consultation process and so based on the decisions made by the Board, the final Draft Constitution is now available for you to vote on. 

This has been a long and challenging process but one that we hope sets us up well for the future.

View Proposed Constitution

The Financials

As a member based organisation we are required to have our financials approved at our AGM. 

The financial statements as approved by the Auditor and the Board, are available below for your review.

View Financials

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