For much of the past decade in Australia the term 'craft beer' served its purpose well, identifying local and independent microbreweries passionately committed to brewing a wider variety of beer styles than the corporate breweries offer. In the last few years, however, corporate breweries have increasingly developed their own craft brands or acquired successful independent brewers. 

Where independent brewers could previously say they were different from corporate breweries because they brewed more fuller flavoured beers, were more innovative and didn't compromise on ingredients, these acquisitions of credible independent breweries mean that this is no longer the case. Ownership, however, still matters to a growing number of beer lovers and the growing taste for beer from independent breweries is a consumer-based social movement. Clearly defining the word 'craft' has proved difficult and elusive and the corporate breweries have successfully co-opted the term, causing confusion among the growing number of consumers that like to support independent breweries. 

When the Craft Brewers Industry Association (CBIA) changed their name to the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) in 2017, they defined an 'independent' brewery as any brewery or brewing company that is less than 20% owned by a large brewer and produces less than 40 million litres per annum. Now with its own Independence Seal to help beer drinkers identify independent breweries, Australia joins a global trend of other countries successfully launching their own seal of independence. Thousands of brewers in the USA, Canada and the UK proudly wear their independence as a badge of honour. Now we can too.

Within Australia, IBA's goal is for 85% of its members breweries to be utilising the seal by 2025. 

INDependent brewery SEAL

Breweries who are members of the Independent Brewers Association can apply to use the Independence Seal on their marketing and labelling and benefit from being part of the movement to educate beer fans and trade about independent breweries in Australia.  The Independence Seal may be used on packaging, marketing collateral, websites, tap handles, menus and other materials only if solely in connection with their products. You can also help promote the seal online by using the official hashtag #askforindiebeer wherever possible and appropriate. 

There is an application process that needs to be followed and a brewery's application must be accepted before a brewery can use the seal. If you think you may have already applied for the seal, speak to your company administrator (the person who set up your membership), as they will have received the assets. When members leave the IBA, or are no longer eligible to be a member, they can no longer use the Seal. 

Other parties may be able to use the Seal under certain conditions. Please read through the Usage Guide for more detailed information.

Please note that the IBA Independence Seal can only be used by current members of the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) who have attained the license to use the Seal. The Independent Seal graphic should always appear in close proximity to the name/logo of the brewery so there is no confusion as to which brewery is independent.  If in doubt please consult the guidelines.  If you are not sure of your membership status please contact the IBA for a status report and log in to the use the members only portal. [email protected]

Usage Guide FAQ



not a brewery but want to show your support?

If you are a bar, pub, restaurant or bottleshop keen to show your support for independent brewers in Australia, you can either incorporate the IBA Independence Seal where clearly relating to a brewery licensed to use it (see guidelines) in such situtations;

We've introduced the supporter seal for you to use in your marketing on and offline to show you support Australia's Independent Brewers.

 The Supporter Seal will help shoppers identify those venues and outlets that support independently owned Australian breweries. Venues will be able identify themselves as supporters through the Certified Independent Supporter Point of Sale:

  • Independent Supporter Seal Artwork
  • Independent Supporter Seal Digital Marketing Package (download)
  • #askforindiebeer campaign from the IBA

Please note: if you are an exisiting paid up, associate member please sign the license agreement below. If you are unsure of your membership status please contact [email protected] for a status report and to receive your companies members only portal log in. 

Usage Guide FAQ