The Regional Project group will be formed to represent the interests of Independent brewers in each state.

More specifically, the Group Project will identify State specific challenges faced by Independent breweries and proposed tools and mechanisms to support the growth and sustainability of of Independent breweries.

The plan will include key activities that the IBA will undertake, to encourage members to participate in State activities that will lead to improvements in their operations, collaborative activities, and furthering eduction.

Key outcomes for the Group:

  1. Development of a State - based independent Craft Beer Strategy which identifies key issues that breweries face.
  2. Forum to share Industry experiences and to foster collaborative approaches. 
  3. Delivery of IBA programs.
  4. Representation of industry at State based meetings/consultations with regulatory of interest groups, including Tourism, EPX, Container deposit schemes and more.
  5. Encouragement of active participation of its members in national Craft Beer events, including but not limited to BrewCon, Mash Ups, Indie Beer Day, Indie Beer Showcase, GBW and more.
  6. Development of a key event in each State that highlights and promotes Independent Beer to consumers. 

To get involved please email Corinna Steeb on




online forum coming soon

The group is made up by State representatives with supporting team members as required. 

  • Tasmania: Jon Burridge, Cryer Malt: moderator
  • South Australia: Corinna Steeb, Prancing Pony: moderator
  • Victoria:Trevor Birks, Bendigo Beer: moderator
  • New South Whales: position available
  • ACT: Laurence Kain, Capital Beer: moderator
  • Queensland: David Kitchen, Ballistic: moderator
  • Sunshine Coast: position available
  • Gold Coast/ Northern Region: position available
  • Perth: position available

If you are interested in volunteering to be a State Chapter representative please contact State Chapter Group Leader Corinna Steeb.